Based in The Bahamas and serving the world, Kirk Johnson (Mr. Matters of the Heart) is a strategic relationship builder for professionals, singles and couples who want to communicate clearly and effectively, strengthen teamwork and collaboration and enhance performance and satisfaction. He believes in the potential of each person to set and achieve goals and positively impact their place in the world.

Kirk is also a Student Success Consultant with more than five years of higher education experience as a university academic adviser, leadership course instructor, and manager of advising.

“Cool it” Kirk is a respected speaker and educator in areas of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and conflict communication.  He is a certified healthy relationships educator and as a radio broadcaster, hosted the talk shows, “Matters of the Heart” and “The Things That Matter” in Nassau, Bahamas.

Kirk is a happy husband, proud father, and a grateful brother and son. He describes himself as the reigning self-appointed king of table tennis. 😉