I did not intend to start on a somber note but this is where the conversation with my heart begins. After all, a decision to be honest with yourself is where the opportunity for healing begins.

My brother Craig “Brave Heart” Johnson died in April 1999 at the hands of heartless robbers. My dad was also shot but thankfully, he survived. As posts of encouragement and sympathy flow on Facebook, I reflect on my last conversation with my brother. He was a gentle soul with a bright future in health and fitness ahead of him. The cruel actions of those responsible broke my mom’s heart and left our family in mourning. Two decades later, we heal and continue to believe those responsible will be brought to justice.

In life we will experience hurt. When you do, it’s beneficial to acknowledge the pain, anger, or despair we feel. However, moving your life forward involves taking the next step by reaching out to helpful resources like a trustworthy friend or family member, but may include the support of trained professionals like a psychologist, pastor, or counselor. I did and members of my family have. 

Our communicating with others is influenced by the conversation we have with ourselves. Let your light shine in the darkness.

The world needs who you are. Kirk Johnson, “Mr. Matters of the Heart”

Kirk "Mr. Matters of the Heart" Johnson, is Atlanta's Persistence Coach. Kirk is a dynamic speaker, educator, and relationship builder. A native of The Bahamas, connect with Kirk in Georgia, across the USA, Africa, Asia, England, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and where you are in the world.

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