On January 26, retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others died tragically in a helicopter crash. The world was stunned, and so was I. Like most of us, I did not know Kobe personally. However, as a father and husband, I feel a sense of kinship. Recently, A family I know went to bed with everything well in their household but awoke to the distress of their four-year-old with a tennis ball-sized swelling on his neck. Fortunately, he is making a full recovery.

Such experiences are a reminder that circumstances can change quickly. It should make us think about what matters most in life and relationships. After news of the crash, I thought more about my wife, daughters, and other loved ones. I felt increased importance in surrounding them with my love. Life is to short to take time for granted. It submits to the will of no one, except God. Waiting until a friend, colleague, or loved one pass serves no benefit to them and often weighs on the conscience of the person with the missed opportunity. There are many public personalities and private individuals who can attest to this.

It makes sense that we tell and show those we care about, that we do. Rapper and actor TI publicly apologized to his daughters on Instagram, acknowledging his shortfalls and declaring his love for them. My focus is on strengthening my relationships by being more intentional. I am not perfect, and chances are, neither are you. We have an opportunity to forgive and be forgiven, to live, love, and help those around us see their value and potential. Be that person who lives life fully and helps others do the same. These are your moments to shine because “now” is what really matters.

Kirk "Mr. Matters of the Heart" Johnson, is Atlanta's Persistence Coach. Kirk is a dynamic speaker, educator, and relationship builder. A native of The Bahamas, connect with Kirk in Georgia, across the USA, Africa, Asia, England, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and where you are in the world.

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