See and celebrate the strength and beauty within you. While others can nurture and cultivate the awesomeness you are, no one can give you what must come from within you. Here lies the importance of #self-discovery, #self-awareness, #purpose, and #persistence.

Always remember these simple truths: (1) You matter, (2) You are are a person of high value, and (3) We all have a responsibility to remind and show others that they matter too. #atlantapersistencecoach, #atl persistence coach, #myheartmatters, #mattersoftheheart

Kirk "Mr. Matters of the Heart" Johnson, is Atlanta's Persistence Coach. Kirk is a dynamic speaker, educator, and relationship builder. A native of The Bahamas, connect with Kirk in Georgia, across the USA, Africa, Asia, England, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and where you are in the world.

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