Be inspired, informed, challenged, and supported. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, with roots in his native Bahamas, Kirk Johnson, "Mr. Matters of the Heart" is an educator, speaker, relationship builder, and persistence coach.  

Kirk is the author of the inspiring book about self-discovery, "My Heart Matters: Making a Comeback After Love Breaks Your Heart." With more than a decade in mass media, Kirk launched and hosted the national talk show series, "Matters of the Heart" at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (ZNS), as well as several other broadcast platforms, including "The Things That Matter" on Guardian Radio

Kirk is the founder and president of the My Heart Matters Group. MyHMG is volunteer group that  organizes programs and events to strengthen self-value, improve communication and leadership skills, and foster healthy interpersonal relationships among adults and younger people.

Kirk's work in people and relationship education began after a personal heartbreak and his ensuing search for answers. He explains, "It was a defining period in my life because I had to decide whether I would emotionally self-destruct or become a wiser problem solver. I pushed forward and learned that self-discovery is the most significant gem to uncover." 

A thought leader on self-discovery and transformational leadership, Kirk's passion for student success in higher education began more than seven years ago and includes roles of academic advising and coaching, interim manager of advising, leadership instructor, and student leadership development. 

His earlier degrees in Journalism and Marketing complement graduate studies and research in Communication and Educational Leadership.  

"My commitment to serving others for the betterment of families and society is grounded in my relationship with Christ," Johnson shared, "Nonetheless, I respect and protect each person's right to share my position or have another. I am an advocate of positive change and would welcome meeting you."

Connect with Kirk Johnson on Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook @kjworldwide.