Kirk Johnson, Mr. Matters of the Heart is the author of the revealingly inspiring new book, "My Heart Matters: Making a Comeback After Love Breaks Your Heart," available globally in print and eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple Store, and locally in The Bahamas at Logos and Chapter One bookstores, and Bible Book and Gift Centre. The much anticipated audio book will be available as of November 28, 2019.

With more than a decade in people development, Kirk Johnson is an educator, communication consultant, and relationship builder. A thought leader on self-discovery and persistence, Mr. Matters is also a professional speaker and trainer living in Atlanta, Georgia  with his beautiful wife Charlene and their family. Kirk shows adults, younger audiences, and university students across cultures and generations, how to strengthen confidence, character, and identity, better relate and communicate with others, and persist to achieve life goals.

While attending the College of The Bahamas as a journalism student, “Cool it Kirk,"  as he is also known, launched the Matters of the Heart talk show at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas as he searched for answers following a heartbreaking end to a romantic relationship.

Kirk engaged callers and in-studio guests to explore the dynamics of life and relationships coining the term, “You’re the adviser as well as the advised.” He also formed the My Heart Matters Group to plan family-friendly relationship-building events. He also addressed community and current affairs through his show, The Things That Matter at Guardian Talk Radio.

Johnson's education include graduate degrees in Communication and Educational Leadership and interpersonal relationships training from the Center for Relationship Education and the PAIRS Foundation.  He enjoys motorcycle riding, acting, and table tennis.

Kirk welcomes connecting with you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @kjworldwide.